My fingers make quick work of the information I’ve been given, neatly sorting every file away. Every moment I spend organizing now makes my process in the timeline faster. It makes pulling up alternate options for producers and directors as easy as a snap of the finger. When I send projects to other members of post, or when someone else needs to access my work, they too will know where everything is. Organization is clean, clear, functional and everything else I do relies on it.

I begin to string out interviews or dailies, into a neat timeline. Sticky notes appear on my desk, keyboard and monitors, as I make notes for my future cuts. Trim here, don’t forget this take exists, this shot will need special attention when it comes time to color, remember to tell your motion designer this. As people pass in and out of my bay with notes and comments, I foster and nurture the vision of the project. It blooms and spills out of my monitors, across my lap and keyboard and out the door of my edit bay. I’ve brought another dream to life.